Power for the people – performance management for Remote Desktop Servces

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Remote Desktop Services has long provided a convenient and efficient way to enable remote offices and remote workers to access company applications and data. Remote Desktop enables staff to work flexibly from almost any device while still maintaining a productive working environment and containing valuable corporate data within the corporate network.

However, modern applications can be very demanding on server performance and multiple users running multiple applications can lead to frustration among the people who matter.

Threadlocker makes a difference

To tackle this, Thinscale’s Threadlocker tool will monitor and control individual applications and the system as a whole to ensure there is always CPU resource available when required by user’s preventing sluggishness, lags, pauses and hangs of the applications they are using.

At Stripe OLT, we have a wealth of experience providing advice and support around Remote Desktop Services, VDI and other infrastructure management challenges. If you have more than a handful of remote users in your environment, we’d be please to discuss how Threadlocker and other related tools can cost-effectively charm your users and maintain consistent performance, come what may.