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Does your data stay put when your people leave?

Finger touching people diagram representing blog post about data security and people leaving your company

89% of employees moving on from a company still have access to at least one secure business application, according to a recent survey. The types of applications that businesses fail to secure include Office 365, Google Apps, MailChimp, WordPress and many others. Failing to close off access to data can cause major harm even when […]


Three steps to greener technology

Lightbulb with living plant wire for Stripe OLT 3 steps to greener technology article

Energy efficiency isn’t just a green issue, it’s good business sense – saving energy is saving money. Historically businesses have been concerned that reducing energy consumption inevitably means reducing capacity and performance, but this isn’t the case. In fact, if you are not making decisions based on energy efficiency now, then you are likely to […]


How are we doing?

Customer Satisfaction smilies for Stripe OLT clients

Believe it or not, technology isn’t the most important part of our job. What we’re really interested in is what technology does for our clients, enabling them to run their business effectively – which means that getting their feedback on how we’re delivering our service is vital. We’ve always canvassed opinions informally on our work from customers, but […]


Thirteen Big Bugs to hit Bristol

Bristol Zoo Gardens Big Bug exhibition. Giant bee. Stripe OLT sponsors the Bombardier Beetle

Don’t start packing your survival rucksack and fleeing for the hills just yet – this invasion is a friendly one. We’ve been the technology partner for Bristol Zoo Gardens for ten years now, and to celebrate this wonderful partnership, we’ve sponsored a giant animatronic bug at the attraction of the year: the Big Bugs exhibition. Thirteen huge […]


What’s stopping your business from scaling up?


Everyone’s talking about the Scale Up report and its recommendations to government – but does it tell the whole story about what’s holding small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) back? The SME sector is an important one, accounting for over 59% of UK employment and 48% of private sector revenue. Our experience of working with growing businesses means we have seen many of the challenges facing SMEs wanting to expand.  We agree that government support can be a great help, but we […]


Windows 10 – what does it mean for you?


Microsoft unveiled some aspects of its new version of Windows this week, surprising everyone by calling it Windows 10 and missing out 9 completely. Adoption rates for Windows 8 have been low across the board, which means many businesses might in time be making the leap straight from 7 to 10. So it’s a good […]