Meet the Team – Harry Fraser-Smith, IT Apprentice


What do you do all day? I provide technical support on the helpdesk, while gaining as much IT knowledge as possible from the current service engineers. What are you good at? Problem solving, attention to detail, learning new things quickly, building PC’s (cable management perfectionist!), calisthenics fitness training. What did you do before Stripe OLT? I […]


Case study: How we helped Cyton Biosciences move offices for the second time


“Stripe OLT had already moved us once extremely smoothly, so we were confident they could do it again” says David Parry, Technical Director at Cyton Biosciences. “They’ve been our IT support company for around ten years now, so they’ve been the obvious choice whenever we’ve needed to move.” Cyton Biosciences is an award-winning pharmaceutical consultancy […]


How to protect yourself from ransomware

Lock and keyboard denoting blog post on how to protect yourself from ransomware

We’ve seen a significant increase in the number of ransomware threats to clients’ businesses lately, reflecting what our virus/malware protection partners have been telling us. But how can you protect yourself from this malicious software? What is ransomware? Ransomware is malware that prevents you from gaining access to your own computer or files, and effectively holds […]


Why we’ve committed to being a Living Wage Employer

Stripe OLT is now a Living Wage Employer - logo

It’s official – we’ve gone through the accreditation process, got our plaque through the post, and we are now a Living Wage Employer.  But what does it mean to be a Living Wage employer, and why have we taken the time to do it? The Living Wage commitment means that all our permanent employees will […]


Three steps to greener technology

Lightbulb with living plant wire for Stripe OLT 3 steps to greener technology article

Energy efficiency isn’t just a green issue, it’s good business sense – saving energy is saving money. Historically businesses have been concerned that reducing energy consumption inevitably means reducing capacity and performance, but this isn’t the case. In fact, if you are not making decisions based on energy efficiency now, then you are likely to […]


Case Study: Moving Elevation Sales to its new offices

Moving boxes

“We were growing rapidly and starting to run out of office space”, says Beatrice Cura from Elevation Sales. The company is a leading sales consultancy for the DVD and Blu-ray entertainment industry, and has seen dynamic growth over the last 10 years. “We had gone from 3 people to 19, and had to move offices” […]